Transcript | “Behold, God is Love. – Why do we go forth to the heights of the heavens and the lowest parts of the earth, seeking Him who is within us, if we would only wish to be with Him? – Let no one say, I do not know what I love. Let them love their brother, or their sister, and they will love the same love. For we know the love with which we love, more than the people that we love. So now we can know God more than we know each other: clearly known more, because more present; known more, because more within us; known more, because more certain. – Embrace the love of God, and by love embrace God.”

St. Augustine (adaptation), On the Trinity (VIII: 7.11-8.12) 415 AD

Look upon us, O Lord,
and let all the darkness
of our souls
vanish before the
beams of your brightness.

Fill us with holy love,
and open to us the
treasures of your wisdom.

All our desire
is known unto you,
therefore perfect what
you have begun,
and what your Spirit
has awakened us to
ask in prayer.

We seek your face,
turn your face unto us
and show us your glory.

Then shall our longing
be satisfied,
and our peace
shall be perfect.

St. Augustine

The ‘Behold, God is Love’ project is created and supported by people who love God and you, and who invite you to share in this love and the realization that we are all walking around shining like the sun.